chaco designed by Tias Eckhoff.
stainless steel with matte finish.

"Designed in 1990, this set offers sleek and attractive straight lines over its entire length in each part of the pattern. It is a perfect fit to classic designer table-settings, where a certain form of understatement is desired. Chaco's elegant forms also guarantee that all pieces lay in one's hand in a very balanced way. This slim cutlery is a product of its time, contemporary, but still with a character of Scandinavian taste. Thus, Chaco was awarded a place in the permanent collection of the "International Design Museum in London" soon after its launch - a recognition only few patterns receive."

5-piece set includes:
>> Dinner Fork
>> Dinner Knife
>> Dinner Spoon
>> Salad/Dessert Fork
>> Dessert Spoon

Also available:
- Coffee Spoon
- Teaspoon
- Soup Spoon
- Supreme Parfait Spoon
- Gravy Ladle
- Punch/Soup Ladle
- Salad Set
- Serving Set
- Serving Spoon
- Cold Meat Fork
- Fish Fork
- Fish Knife
- Dessert Knife/Butter Spreader
- Cake Server